Ravioli (part 2, fillings)

These are the two fillings I've tried, but you could fill these with just about anything you want.

Savory Meat Filling

1 cup ground cooked chicken, ham, or beef (I used ground beef)
2 TBS sauce to bind the meat together (I actually used cream cheese for this, but you could use spaghetti sauce, or whatever you think would be good)
1 TBS parsley or other mixed herbs (basil, oregano, chives, thyme, etc...) I also used onion and garlic in mine.
1 egg yolk

Cheese Filling

3/4 cup (6oz) ricotta or cottage cheese
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 TBS finely chopped parsley

What to do:
Mix all the ingredients together and season well with salt and pepper. The mixture should be firm and quite stiff. Fill ravioli dough as described in Ravioli Part 1.

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