Cheese-ball with Rye Toast

After making the Cream Puffs for the Winter Solstice Dinner, we had 2 oz of leftover cream cheese, so Cameron made up a cheese ball!

2 oz cream cheese
sharp cheddar cheese crumbs (a tablespoon or two or four. You know how he is.)
Ground coriander
3/4-1 T. Worcestershire sauce (He just poured some in. Like usual.)
Chopped pecans

Loaf of Rye bread
Olive Oil
Herbs of Choice (i.e. parsley, basil, oregeno, etc)

  1. Mix everything together except for the pecans.
  2. Roll into a ball.
  3. Roll in pecans.
  4. Mix some olive oil and the herbs together on a baking pan (Cameron used a cookie sheet).
  5. Cut the rye bread into 2-3 inch pieces (slightly larger than bite size...about 2 bites per piece size should work).
  6. Place the bread pieces on the pan, making sure to turn each piece so the oil is on both sides of the bread.
  7. Bake at 350 degrees until toasted to your preference.
  8. Eat!

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