Cake Pops

I tried my hand at this popular dessert for our Halloween party. They aren't as smooth as I would have liked, but they were a big hit and tasted great (and I'd rather have them taste great and look not as pretty than to look pretty and taste horrible). They were pretty easy and a lot of fun. 

1 cake mix
1 can of frosting
1 pkg cream cheese
dipping chocolate (I got my orange chocolate in the cake aisle next to the scrapbooking stuff in walmart)
candy sticks (I used wood craft sticks because they were cheaper and walmart was out of candy sticks)

1. Make the cake like normal, then let it cool completely.
2. Crumble the cake into a large bowl.
3. Add frosting and cream cheese. Mix well (by hand or electric mixer).
4. Roll into balls and freeze (freeze solid).
5. When frozen, melt the chocolate (as directed on chocolate package).
6. Insert the candy stick all the way into the cake ball, then dip in the chocolate. I would put the ball in the chocolate, roll it around to coat it, then tap the stick on the side of the bowl to get rid of tons of extra melted chocolate and it smoothed out the more bumpy chocolate.
7. Roll in sprinkles and set upright to set up (I bought a stand for $3 for this).
8. Eat!

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