Seasoned Baked Chicken

This is one of our favorite meals lately...1. because it is scrumptious, 2. because it is super easy and pretty quick to make.

Ingredients you'll need:

-Chicken pieces. Any cut you want. Frozen or thawed. We've been using frozen chicken thighs lately because that is what is in our freezer.
-Seasoning. Now, we have used taco seasoning and malibu seasoning (a combination of spices we got at the store), but you could use really whatever seasoning you have on hand.
-1 egg for every 2 or so pieces of chicken.

How to make this tasty meal:

1. Crack open an egg into a bowl and then beat it with a fork until it's all beat up.
2. In a plastic bag or a bowl combine about 1/2 c. flour (or more if you're doing a lot of chicken) and a tablespoon or so of seasoning (careful with how much seasoning you put in...some go a long way while others you can't get enough of...even if you get too much...some mashed potatoes in the same bite as the chicken help to even things out).
3. Dip the chicken in the egg so it's completely covered, then dip it in the flour/seasoning on all sides.
4. Place on a greased/sprayed pan and place in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.
5. The chicken is done when the juices run clear when a knife is inserted.

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